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Shriram Centre for Excellence & Personal Growth Gwalior, is a career making help Centre for students. We provide consultation, counseling and guidance to facilitate our young students in finding a solution for their various problems regarding Education, Career and Personal Growth. At SRCEPG, Gwalior we work with the theme of “LEARN LIFE to EARN SUCCESS ”. We enable the students to create  “PASSION FOR PROGRESS” in themselves, which is depicted by our logo as well.

Our mission is to bring the students out from the “VICIOUS CYCLE”of failure, frustration & complaint and prepare them to enter in to “EXCELLENCE CYCLE” of success, confidence & gratitude.

“Life is what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans.” Here we need the skill to deal with the situation spontaneously. That’s why we at SRCEPG are committed to teach our students the fundamentals of life to develop the spontaneity to face the challenges of time successfully & joyfully, hence our teaching module is “LEARN LIFE TO EARN SUCCESS”.

Since we understand that failure is not only the loss of time & money, but it is like putting a stamp of negativity on the soul for lifetime, hence, we teach the fundamental principles to achieve success in career & life. We believe in high ethical values of education and life as well. Cramming academic information and preparing a cosmetic persona is not enough for achieving success. Excellence and Personal Growth are also the compulsory ingredients of SUCCESS, which are mostly ignored. We provide our students the opportunity to learn excellence and accelerate the process of their personal growth.

SRCEPG, Gwalior is not a coaching centre. We do not teach any particular academic subject here. No short cut or trick for success is being taught here. We are a non commercial & non academic help centre for students.  

What we do exactly is, We try to stimulate the dormant quest for knowledge among students to make them feel the pleasure of learning & provoke their curiosity, hence enabling them to ask……….till answered. We follow the principles of our ancient UPNISHAD style (उपनिषद्, संवाद – शैली) of teaching, learning & understanding.  We teach how to enjoy Reading, Remembering, Retaining & Recalling academics, thus we bring out them from the blind race of cramming academic information. We teach through meaningful & deep interaction, without the burden of cramming academics, in an affectionate atmosphere which helps in bringing out their real self. We focus on their inner space expansion, through conceptual learning, to develop analytical,  & creative skill in them.

We work on their Zeal, Commitment, Goal Orientation, and Excellence. We focus on their Personal Growth in total, which is different from preparing a cosmetic persona popularly known as personality development. We explore their potential and try to transform it into realization. We provoke them to think out of the box.

We teach them the art of goal setting, time management, to get rid of examination phobia, to be free from the fear of competition, interview techniques and communication skill. We also teach them the art of listening to understand properly, what is being said.

Our method of teaching is interactive which involves personal & group discussions on different subjects related to life, thus helping the students to  Learn how to LEARN. We develop a relation of trust with our students and build a bridge of faith & confidence through meaningful dialogues. As our concern for their growth is true, hence, results are excellent and life changing. Our students not only achieve their career targets but also enjoy a meaningful life.

We have created five stages to evaluate the progress of students as under….






Students join us in the stage of roaming. After passing through searching, connecting & opening stages students begin a pleasant & never ending journey of learning which leads towards natural expression of their excellence and personal growth i.e. the final stage of expressing.

Thus they learn to perform their human & civic duties well & develop a Responsible, Compassionate & Thankful attitude. This makes our students acceptable everywhere, may it be an Examination, Interview, Workplace or life.

Success follows them everywhere as they are equipped with the power of 3 D i.e. Discipline, Dedication & Determination.

We help the students without any discrimination of Cast, Color or Creed. We are committed to our values, ethics, vision & Mission.

Seven Commitments to be followed by SRCEPG students….

Love yourself & Respect everyone.

Dream & Desire Excellence.

Feel, Think, Speak & Act in harmony.

Learn new things every day.

Be proactive, Confident & Polite.

Think Positive & Help Unconditionally.

Live in Gratitude.

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