Dr Brijesh Sharma, an ex bank manager, having 40+ years Bank service experience, is contributing to the society in a manner very few can think of. He runs  Shri Ram Centre for Excellence and Personal Growth, Gwalior, where youngsters are guided in a way unique and personal to them individually.

In today’s world where the focus is gradually increasing towards developing IQ, Dr Sharma is teaching the very imperative skill of developing the EQ ( emotional quotient) and AQ ( Adversity Quotient) to his young students, thus enabling them to shine brightly amidst the crowd.

The teachings often involve real life examples, practical stories and anecdotes from personal experiences which make it easier for the students to understand the complex philosophy of life in a very simplified and comprehensive manner. He knows the art of delivering such abstract learnings to the students in a manner that they are able to apply the morals learnt in practical life and can sail through any storm.

Making students aware about the ancient Indian scriptures, literature and texts ( such as Geeta,Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayan etc.) along with their increasing relevance in existing times is a rare input made available at SRCEPG. He is known to improve the lives of many by helping them to achieve their career target in a manner suitable to them.

Inner space expansion and developing passion for progress are the twin philosophies upon which Dr Sharma is working sedulously in order to make students live life in its whole manner along with achieving the defined parameters of success. Thus, learn life to earn success is the foundation philosophy of the centre.

About Dr Brijesh Sir

Inspired by his own passionate desire to help young students in solving their various problems regarding EDUCATION, CAREER & PERSONAL GROWTH, Dr. Brijesh Sharma conceived SRCEPG in the year 2012 formally just after his superannuation from Bank Of India, earlier he was doing it since last 35 years in personal manner. Working with BOI for 40+ years Dr. Sharma acquired the helping attitude and the confidence to run the show even in the challenging situations.

Dr. Brijesh holds a Ph.D. degree from Jiwaji University, awarded in 1984.

Dr. Brijesh Sharma is basically an Art lover. Music and Poetry enriches his inner space. He does write poems. He is passionate for classical and folk music.

Dr. Sharma is blessed with nice blending of emotional and rational thinking. He loves to look within & beyond the situation to find out the true solution.

He is blessed with an aptitude of seeing in depth and analyzing facts. Quest for knowledge and problem solving attitude is his motivating force.

To work for exploring potential keeps his energy level high. He enjoys to remain in regular self updating process and it makes him confident in keeping pace with the time.

Dr. Brijesh enjoys learning & teaching. He is very good at consultation, counseling and guidance. Feedback of many success stories of his counseling makes him feel positive, thankful and hopeful.

He is involved in one to one counseling sessions with people of different age groups on various aspects of life, especially with students for their educational, career and personal growth problems.

His Motivational counseling helps students in bringing progressive and positive changes in various aspects of life, like as, Positive Thinking, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Time Management and making Body Language Positive & above all positive self analysis   therefore the students accept Dr. Sharma as their  Mentor & Life Coach .

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