We now bring you an unique 12 weeks program for art of learning, Goal oriented living, to be free from the fear of competition and total Personality development. It will be anenriched journey of 25 Interactive days i.e 50 hours of meaningful dialogue to get rid of fears and confusions to face the challenges of time joyfully and successfully…

We focus on:

  • Zeal – The utmost priority to achieve SUCCESS.
  • Commitment – Necessitates the faith in yourself.
  • Goal Orientation – Nurturing the youth to be confident and competent.
  • All-round Excellence – By unfolding the better and higher dimensions of personality.

Join to Learn the art of

  • Goal setting….. Plant the Seed .
  • Examination Preparations…..On the runway to Takeoff
  • To be free from fear of Competition…..Explore U in U
  • Interview Techniques………..Just being U as U R
  • Communication Skills………….Samvaad dil se.
  • Presonal Growth……………Enjoy the Bliss.

Curriculum of “Learn to Learn Program

A 12 weeks program for students

1st week :     Plant a seed  / Know the Desire.

2nd week  :    Creation of Dream / To Conceive a Dream.                                      

3rd week   :    Visualize the Dream.

4th week   :    Making Road map “The Plan “.

5th week   :    On the runway to fly….. Getting started.

6th week   :    Belief system / Inhibition.

7th week   :    Coming out of shell.

8th week   :    Joy of Transition.

9th week   :    Fun of Learning.

10th week :    Witnessing the Progress.

11th week :    Faith development.

12th week :   Celebration of Self, Joy of Bliss.

Only for the students committed to Self Growth.

Admission on merit cum Interview basis.   

Consultation, Counseling and Guidance By

Dr. Brijesh Sharma M.A., Ph.D. ( Director )

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